Center for Harmony and Grace

We are a safe and caring place to heal the soul and explore different levels of awareness. We are a fellowship of individuals who are investing in our spiritual growth and humbly seeking the divine in our inner being.

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The Impermanence of Life

Meditation, prayer, and study is what join us together and inspire our desire to live a more meaningful existence on Earth.  The Spiritist philosophy, the work of Allan Kardec, provides a sensible background to our meetings, but the agenda of themes is broad and relevant to present-day realities. We take as granted that life of the self extends beyond the years on Earth and we find important not to disregard its implications. Chiefly among these is the possibility of reincarnation.

We respect and honor all the great wisdom teachers but we embraced Jesus as the purest fountain, and the teacher with the highest consciousness of God. He represents the highest model for our journey. In consequence, we do not expect Him to meet us when we return home, or to be flown to paradise by angels. We hope, however, when this life is over, to have become a little closer to Him, and to have increased a tiny bit our love for God.

While we have the Spiritist philosophy as reference, we also seek inspiration in the ideas of modern thinkers such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepak Chopra, Brian Weiss, and in the sacred works of Christianity, Judaism, and Budhism. We like to think of ourselves as religious, not in a theological, but rather a psychological sense. The insightful quiet of meditation and prayer are our preferred forms of contact with the Absolute.

We are glad that you visited our site and hope you will visit in person as well.